Graphics for Change- Luba Lukova

There are many graphic designers in the world, but some use their power to create powerful messages about today’s world and the dark sides of society.  Luba Lukova is a New York based artist who focuses on minimalist designs of injustice in society.  Her designs are usually very simple, but extremely effective in creating a strong message to be passed along.  I think it is interesting how compelling her designs are, especially because she only uses a minimal amount of colors and strong use of lines.  Since her works are simple, it is easy for one to digest the concept of the image.

The poster I have selected is a unique take on the “peace” symbol, a white dove.  Within this bird, there are many symbols of war and terror- guns, nukes, canons, war jets, and even figures of people holding guns.  This is very ironic because obviously peacefulness does not equal to war.  The ironic, yet effective take on this concept is very powerful on spreading the message that we are not achieving peace in the world by fighting.


2 thoughts on “Graphics for Change- Luba Lukova”

  1. I really liked this post, I think its very ironic but a very unique way to represent the point that we are not achieving peace with all the war objects inside of the peace symbol.


  2. I love how ironic this piece is. While the dove is a sign of piece, all the times and objects making up the dove are the complete opposite. The use of color to allow the dove to also pop from the page makes the piece very enjoyable to the eye.


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