Identity System

I always have found that Nike is one of the best logos and fits the “identity” they have created for themselves well.  Nike is one of the most recognizable logos there is because their footwear and athletic apparel does so well on the market.  I can’t help to think that one of the main reasons their company blasted off so fast was the easy-to-read check mark logo.  It’s as simple as simple gets, no flashy colors or intricate details, just a solid check mark that can symbolize so many things- the idea of getting things done, being motivated in your daily life, or just speed and endurance.

Since the logo is so effective, putting it on every type of apparel to wear was an ingenious idea and ended up being extremely successful, worldwide.  Not only is the logo attractive, but their clothing design wears so well and is very comfortable.  It’s easy to spend your money on apparel that is well made, comfortable and attractive to wear.  NIKE.jpg

Identity Systems: Nike


Nike is one of the most successful companies selling anything from apparel, footwear, equipment and accessories. Nike’s logo is extremely successful in the sense that it is so simple yet so recognizable.

hwl With just a simple checkmark and the catch phrase “Just Do It”, any one is able to recognize the symbol. What makes the logo even more fascinating is  how the words Nike don’t need to be present for people to recognize it. The word and check mark are able to work together or alone and will still be identifiable.






GoogleWe all know Google very well, thanks to its recognizable elements. If we look at Google’s recent redesign, the logo is only a single part of its overall identity. As you can see, color, flat graphics, and geometric shapes are very important in the overall brand, no matter what program you choose to use. It’s the system’s cohesive design that attracts a viewers eye and makes them say, “That’s Google.” In September 2015, the company changed their whole brand identity after 16 years. The company explains: “It doesn’t simply tell you that you’re using Google, but also shows you how Google is working for you.” Meaning, the word ‘Google’ is not on every page, but the icons sort of scream the company name instead, due to their visual elements. Having a simple, colorful, and friendly brand identity is the reason why we all recognize Google, even without seeing the company’s name.

Read Google’s official blog post from 2015, announcing the rebranding HERE

Identity System

Tommy Hilfiger is a widely renowned and identifiable brand. Their simple logo design consists of three colors: red, navy and white. These colors create a foundation for the brands identity, which is centered around a specific lifestyle. Hilfiger uses these colors in many of their products, from accessories to fragrance, usually in a stripe pattern. This pattern becomes synonymous with the brand and unifies all these products under the name.  For me these colors work well in creating the “preppy with a twist” style that Hilfiger aims for. The colors are very american, giving off a sophisticated feel when paired together. As for the logo itself, the red and white blocks come from the International Code of Signals for the letter “H”. The identity system is successful because it is repeatedly used in Hilfiger’s designs and advertisements. Structuring a brand around the lifestyle and identity of the target consumer requires a unified and consistent concept, and I believe the identity style created by Hilfiger does a good job.

Identity Systems: USPS

The United States Postal Service logo can be recognized by nearly every citizen living in the United States. It’s an independent branch of the federal government that responsible for providing postal service in the United States and caters to both residential and commercial customers. The USPS handles the mailing of letters and packages, sorting and delivering mail, and selling products such as stamps and mailing supplies. The logo itself is an excellent example of an identity system because it is a bald eagle and represents the values, power and patriotic spirit of an American. The eagle also appears to be soaring through the air which is representative of the speed of their services.USPS_Eagle-Symbol-web-size

Identity Systems: Rick Gary

blog post 6

As I was looking through Rick Gary’s logo designs I came across this intriguing and whimsical logo. Rick Gary is a graphic designer who has done work in multiple fields such as video, logo design, illustration and has even done some branding work. Taking a simple company such as this ice cream place, the way he designed their logo he was able to truly make it eye catching. The way he made the wording the actual food someone would buy is clever; while looking at the logo myself all I wanted was to take a bite of that perfect looking ice cream cone! It reminds me of when you go to an ice cream parlor and you ask for a soft ice cream on the biggest cone they have. Also the way he added the white on the lettering compliments the ice cream swirl on the T, reminding me of the ice cream maybe melting onto the other letters.

Identity system: Ralph Lauren polo

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American corporation that is well known for the clothing, marketing and distribution of products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances. The Company’s brands include Polo Ralph Lauren which is a great example of an identity system. The polo logo is well known and is the identifier for there brand. It is a very simple design of a horse and a man playing polo, but the design is very well portrayed and a symbol many people know of even those who dont specifically buy this brand. The logo tells the shopper the brand before even looking at the tag. Men’s Polo, Ralph Lauren’s fith.jpgrst complete line of sportswear and tailored clothing which launched in 1967. In 2014, Women’s Polo was launched. They also have Polo Sport which launched in 1992, a line of activewear for sports and fitness. In 2014, Ralph Lauren debuted the PoloTech Shirt, which featured smart fabric technology. All of these polo lines include the polo logo. The logo was created by the Ralph Lauren corporation.