Graphic Design: The New Basics


The book I read was by Graphic Design: The New Basics the second edition by Ellen Lupton.
Ellen Lupton was born in philadelphia in 1963, well known for her studies with typography.
This book is about the key concepts of visual language that informs any works of design.
Luptons book visually demonstrates the concise commentary arts, from logos to typography to complex website designs. Luptons covers the design elements of line, point, scale, plane, layers, texture, hierarchy etc.

This is the sequel to Graphic design: The basics which was co-written by Jennifer Cole phillips which is the basics of graphic design. Both books were written very concise and clear in teaching how to do graphic design and how to use the elements of design for web designs, and electronic reproductions.

Typography is a big design aspect of Graphic Design. Typography is an art form that has been used for hundreds of years. Type is used in everything that we read, good typography is able to be read quickly and easily. Typography is used in all aspects of graphic design from logos to websites, to brochures.


One thought on “Graphic Design: The New Basics”

  1. I like how you mention that typography is an art form in itself because I feel like it can sometimes be overlooked. When using a font a person might not think of it as a part of art but when you see it put together with other elements it would not be complete without the typography.


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