Seen in the Real World: Typography


When I was shopping for my room decor in my new apartment, I wanted to find letter to represent my initials in my living room. I fell in love with this letter style and it was originally a regular wood that I painted myself. My favorite part of the lettering would have to be where all the lines meet to make the “K” as we all are use to seeing. the negative space on the two lines on the top part of the “K” are very pleasing to the eye and when light hits it a certain way it creates a very beautiful long shadow.

In the Real World


While I was offline walking around campus, I came across this truck with a large graphic on the side advertising a company that decorates office interiors.  I found this truck to be very eye-grabbing with the big bright yellow circle framing the name of the company.  The analogous pastel squares are also very eye catching and contrast well with the dark gray silhouettes of the office furniture.  This design is very successful in putting the idea across that the company sells/decorates office spaces.

Colored Pencils

This is a picture I took of my colored pencils container. The cover image seems to be an illustration of some kind. What I found interesting about it is the abstract style of the illustration. It looks like a women looking up at the stars from her balcony. Her face is almost 2-dimensional and her expression seems distant, but at the same time having a sense of wonder. The illustration has a dark undertone with limited contrast and the style is very grainy. Though very simple in its execution, one cannot help but wonder the emotional, yet somewhat provocative nature of this piece. This is why I like it and ultimately why I decided to write about it.

Seen in the Real World

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This poster was designed by my friend Janaya for Art and Scope. I love the composition of it and how the bright yellow contrasts the pink and purple. The design is impactful even with it’s limited color pallet, at a glance the message still gets across. The poster’s use of negative space, repeating elements and rich colors make for a succsessful design.

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Eat Real Food


This “EAT REAL FOOD” sign is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York City. I took this photo on my trip back to Long Island. This sign is so simple yet it catches a viewers attention, specifically drivers and travelers, by getting straight to the point. This sign is located on the top of “the Brooklyn kitchen.” The Brooklyn Kitchen is a culinary school that holds classes to simply teach people how to cook like grownups. Inside, you can find The Meat Hook, known for being the best butcher in Brooklyn. They also sell eggs, produce and some cheese. All of which are real, non-over-processed food. Many pieces of street art and billboard signs are able to express such a powerful message just simply through three words and two colors. The importance of this sign is to encourage the fight against fast food and protect ourselves from unhealthy habits. Slow food is better than fast food!


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Seen in the Real World


This poster is on campus and can be found in multiple locations (especially in the Fine Arts building). The major part about this piece, that I found most intriguing, was the background because of the contrast used to make the realistic image and the text stand out. The color of background makes the poster itself stand out from any other poster that surrounded it and the shape helps direct the viewers towards the text. And I love how the color gradient carries throughout the poster. Another part of the poster I liked was the different hierarchies in the poster. From the large title to the bold dates and then to the fine print in the corner for more information about the play. Overall, the poster was really well done and really well thought out with the space used, the light effect on the feet, and the colors.