Online Portfolio

A great website to show off your own creative work or to explore others work is Adobe’s own portfolio sharing website.  The site is easily navigable and can be created through your behance projects posted on your account.  Adobe creates a portfolio template that you can edit and personalize just for you and your style.

I found this site to be useful because you can explore other peoples pages to get inspired for your own.  There are countless amount of themes for one to select from, so you can pick one to really represent yourself and your work.  Personalization is the most important thing when it comes to showing others your work because without it, it is harder to grasp what your personality and style is.  Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 1.11.42 PM.png

Online Portfolio

An online portfolio example I found is a website called Wix is a website that is targeted at all different types of artists from photographers to web designers. It’s a straight forward website that allows easy navigation and helps you create a beautifully designed professional site. Wix can be used by anyone and you don’t need any coding or website building skills!

Six includes over 500 different templates as well as thousands of other features completely for free.




Wix is a popular website builder that allows users to create a website for free without any knowledge of coding. I myself have used it and I consider it to be very reliable albeit somewhat slow to use. Nevertheless, I was able to create a surprisingly professional-looking portfolio that highlights my skills as a UI/UX designer.

One of the reasons I love Wix is that the interface is extremely easy to navigate and it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is drag components from a sidebar and then you can adjust settings straight from the component itself. There aren’t many controls to fiddle around with which can be good and bad. Having limited options is never great for fine adjustments, however it can be incredible for an easy to use program which I believe is the best way to go. The color scheme, typography, and simplistic style offer an enjoyable and productive method of building a website.

Even though it’s a free service, it is possible to upgrade to more premium plans. This gives the user the ability to block ads, increase bandwidth, increase storage, and plenty more options. Here’s the link:

And here are some examples:

Online Portfolio

There are thousands if not millions of designers and companies trying to get their name out there and try to start a business to share their knowledge and talent of design. A successful website I found is .

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 8.36.33 PM

I honestly find their website stunning. It provides a calm feeling to direct you where you need to go in order to use their product. It contains their portfolio of the company and what they have to offer. Most of their pictures in the portfolio have the websites they have helped design for. The websites they help design for provide different size styles for  laptops, cellphones, tablets, and desktops.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 8.23.43 PM

Also, there are prices for the use of their designs because they are helping you create a real website with your own url and much more to create the website you’re looking for. The prices are made for people who have a good business and would get back the money they make from their website. The lowest package deal they have listed on their site is just over $1,000. is a web application that allows users to create and maintain their online portfolio, even if they do not have any technical background. This program gives you the opportunity to showcase your designs, illustrations, photography, and other creative work on any type of device (computer, cell phone, etc.). You are given a 10-day free trial before choosing a plan on the application. Once those 10 days are finished, you can choose $19/month for agency use (unlimited projects and unlimited pages) or $8/month for professional use (100 projects and 100 pages). You can then switch between plans, or cancel, whenever you choose.

Users can choose from a wide collection of themes, and even able to customize them however they would like. When adding to your profile, you are able to upload images, as well as embed audio and video from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Soundcloud, & 500px.

One designer who uses Dunked to showcase his work is Todd Fischer

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.11.31 AM.png

Todd Fischer is a freelance graphic designer based in Adelaide, SA. Specialising in gig posters and album covers, Todd provides unique design solutions at affordable rates.

Online Portfolio is an online platform used to showcase creative work and allow designers to become known. Behance gives designers the opportunity to post their work in one place so it can be broadcast widely and efficiently. This allows companies to explore the work and access talent on a global scale. This is done through profiles comprised of “Projects”. A Project is compiled of images, videos, and other digital content. Every Project has a specific URL that can be shared all over the internet and leads back to the site. You can also follow the profile of other members of Behance and visa versa. When you follow someone, their uploaded content and other interactions appear in your Activity Feed where new work is being posted and updated constantly. is free to use however there is an optional paid service called “Prosite”. Prosite allows you to build a customized portfolio and costs $99 per year. Although, you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud member, it’s part of your membership!

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Sleek Interface

The online web hosting site Square Space is a popular platform for those looking to create a site of their own.  the platform offers a free trial, with $12 and $18 per month options. A feature I found to be unique was that students get 50% off their first full year. Square Space also gives their customers many options to chose from, and templates for any type of website model, with option to adjust how one pleases.  The design of their own website is very navigable and free of any needless type or designs. This makes Square Space a good platform to create an online portfolio on, much like other artists have done for themselves.

square space

squarw space

One artist, Jacquelin Deleon, uses Square Space to show her work, her shop, and link to her social media. As for her portfolio, the website design she chose is unique, with large banners introducing her projects and areas of work, followed by several images with labels on what they are. This is definitely unique and presents her work in a creative way to those viewing her site and those who may be looking to hire her for a project. Thus giving Square Space the representation of having sleek and effective options when it comes to user friendly portfolio sites.