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Personally, my favorite part about graphic design is the process of making logos, whether it is for an individual or a whole company. I have started to make logos for Twitch streamers and build their identities based on what they want their image to be to their viewers. I have been doing research and found a website I wanted to share if you want tips to making a logo for your client. It breaks down all the important steps into making a logo and showing how important communication is with your client to make sure they leave happy and recommend you to others.


Information System : Maps

Maps are a great form of information systems. There is a lot to be seen and is easy to navigate with out words. Maps have a hierarchy which is similar to all maps making them universal.  On the MET and MOMA trip to the city I found a booth that provided a  map of central park. This map provided a lay out of the park and all of the trails and possible roots to take. At the booth a worker drew out where you were and gave you possible roots which were highlighted in a thick white line or main roads and thin white lines for side paths to get to where you wanted to be next. Our path brought us straight o the back of the MET where I  was able to get another map that laid out the floors and building of both the MET and MOMA. Maps also provide a key which allows the viewer to see what each piece means making it easier to decipher with out words. There is a clear hierarchy in all maps where the more important/the more populated areas are larger and more visible then the small side roads/paths.


Identity system : Organic COFFEE, Natural Food

There are identity systems everywhere you look, from store fronts to branding. PRET is a natural foods and organic coffee shop in the city. PRET gave off a very inviting setting with walls of colorful fresh sandwiches and drinks with natural and farm fresh smells. There were also wooden, natural looking signs along the walls with quotes and -PRET CREATES- which told their customers that they proved homemade and natural foods.  Eating the food you were immediately able to taste the natural and fresh taste.


The envioroment was inviting by the calm music playing faintly in the background and the natural wood tables that you were able to sit at and enjoy your food.