Information Design


This information design above was made by Lisa Mahapatra and talks about how more people are living alone causing the decrease of families. I found the color scheme of this information design to be very enticing and what caught my eye while looking at different pieces of work on Mahapatra’s website. Also using different color opacities allows a reader to understand a sense of hierarchy before even reading the piece. Also the grey background allows for the rest of the words and graph to pop on the page.


Identity Systems: Rick Gary

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As I was looking through Rick Gary’s logo designs I came across this intriguing and whimsical logo. Rick Gary is a graphic designer who has done work in multiple fields such as video, logo design, illustration and has even done some branding work. Taking a simple company such as this ice cream place, the way he designed their logo he was able to truly make it eye catching. The way he made the wording the actual food someone would buy is clever; while looking at the logo myself all I wanted was to take a bite of that perfect looking ice cream cone! It reminds me of when you go to an ice cream parlor and you ask for a soft ice cream on the biggest cone they have. Also the way he added the white on the lettering compliments the ice cream swirl on the T, reminding me of the ice cream maybe melting onto the other letters.

Drawing for Graphic Design: Timothy Samara

The book that I looked at was called Drawing for Graphic Design : Understanding Conceptual Principles and Practical Techniques to Create Unique, Effective Design Solutions By Timothy Samara. Timothy Samara has written a lot of educational books as he is currently an educator at two big colleges in New York City; The School of Visual Arts and FIT: Fashion Institute of Technology. His books mainly focus on teaching readers about graphic design techniques from all levels and also typography. This book talks about the basics of graphic design and how not only drawing but also current culture, practice and education can effect the end result of a single piece. He also stressed the idea about how people should focus on using metaphor to express something in any art work you do. It does not only catch someones eye faster, but also keeps the person looking at the work you are doing.

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The picture above is from page 68 in the book, and are showing examples of how to use graphic design as a narrative. Both of these images use different forms to expressive different issues and points. I especially find that the right poster is very fascinating to look at because it reminds the viewer of a crime scene and makes you think what happened and what is the story behind this work of art.

Angelos Ntinas: Anti-Racism


Angelos Ntinas is a Greek Graphic designer from Thessaloniki, Greece who has done work for both clients and for corporations. Most of Ntinas’s work is making art that has to do with expressing ideas in a unique and unusual way. One of Ntinas’s most famous works would be the image above, which encompasses the idea of anti-racism. This poster was made specifically for the Greek Graphic Designers Association. This work was inspired by the racial stress on todays world (particularly Greece), which has inspired many others through Ntinas’s unique art choice. The different color guns representing color and even though the guns might be shaking hands they are still targeting one another, which says a lot about how Ntinas’s is expressing today’s society. There has been for years an uprising of racism in Greece that Ntinas wanted to make aware of to the public, but this can be said for more than just in Greece. The idea of the uprising of racism can be said all over the world. The point that even though we say there is equality and that everyone accepts one another no matter the color of your skin, Is this really true or is this all just a front?