Ambiguity of Positive and Negative Space: FedEx

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 5.41.25 PM.png

The FedEx logo uses negative space to convey the forward-moving nature of the company

This legendary and iconic logo was designed by Lindon Leader in 1994 and has been praised for its creative, sophisticated and eye-grabbing use of negative space ever since. Although the use of text is very prominent in this design, the artist creates the visual of a forward arrow in between the letters E an X, which once you see, is very hard to unsee. The use of negative space in this logo has lead this design to win over 40 awards and was ranked as one of the eight best logos in the last 35 years in the 35th Anniversary Icon issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

For information on the story behind the FedEx logo please visit:

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