Seen in the Real World: Breathe Magazine Cover


Graphic design can often be a combination of type and illustration, as is the case with this interesting magazine cover.  The magazine itself, Breathe, gives tips on self-care, meditation, and mindfulness.  I think that the cover illustration conveys these themes well, as there are doves featured for symbolism of peace as well as self-care habits portrayed such as meditation and writing in a journal.

The simple colors used are effective in this graphic design as they are not distracting from the subject; rather, they are muted and and work to portray a calming theme.  This is a perfect example of how designs often do not need many colors to be successful.  Furthermore, the subdued colors help the girl’s red hair and blue scarf stand out as the focal point in the image. The viewer’s eye moves around the design from the middle to the outsides because of the swirling lines and floral patterns around the girl.  These elements were smart of the designer to include because otherwise I do not think that I would have noticed the smaller elements on the page such as the doves and journal.  Finally, the rather plain text and white border gives the cover a unified feel and unites the typography and illustration into one cohesive design.

Overall, the illustrative style, muted colors, and simple type on the cover of this issue of Breathe are not only eye-catching and interesting on their own, but also portray the themes of the magazine extremely well.

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