Books on Graphic Design: Typography, Referenced

The book that I read was Typography, Referenced: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to the Language, History, and Practice of Typography by Allan Haley.  The book aims to be a sort of textbook for typography; rather than delving into the countless details and elements of type, it gives a general overview of the history and development of the art form.  It was fascinating to see how typography has changed throughout history, from the fifth century BCE, to the development of the printing press, and finally to the 21st century.  I had not realized before reading this book that typography, just like any other art form, has varied throughout history.

type p 34type p 39

The part of the book that I found most interesting and informational was the chapter called “Type Design and Development”, which describes the process of developing type and how a particular typographer or team of artists creates a new, polished typeface that looks unified.  The pictures above are from pages 34 and 39 in the book, respectively, and they show the developments of two different typefaces and how they progressed from just pencil sketches into a usable digital font.  This book helped me understand how one can create an original typeface in which all of the letters look unified and work well together, and also acknowledge that this process takes a lot of trial and error.  Overall, I think that this book does a great job of helping the reader understand the art of typography by showcasing the history of the art form as well as examples of individual typefaces.

2 thoughts on “Books on Graphic Design: Typography, Referenced”

  1. I really liked your post it was interesting to read that typography is another type of art form, I never have seen it that way but after reading your post I can see that it really is an art form and the importance it holds.


  2. I really like the image you included with the highlighted portions of the word “adhesion.” Looking at it quickly all 4 would probably look basically the same to me, but looking where it is highlighted I can see what a huge difference they all are. It is also interesting how you included that there is a lot of trial and error that goes into a font because whenever I use a font I don’t think about how much effort it must have taken.


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