Books on Graphic Design

The book I read was Graphic Design Basics by Amy E. Arntson. One part I found interesting was the chapter on Text Type. It started out dating back to Prehistoric times when even then, we communicated with visual language. Then it explained how the Egyptians created the first alphabet mostly of symbols and pictures that later developed to letters representing the sounds of speech. Nowadays, computers make it possible to develop variations of existing typeface styles quickly.

Before taking any computer art/graphic design classes, I was unaware how important type face could really be. This book does a good job explaining in depth, the different categories to consider when choosing font for a piece of work. Thus include, Size, line length, style, spacing, and format.

With size, its important to keep the audience in mind. Smaller type might be harder for older people to read. Line length helps a the readers eye to move more smoothly, and to never lose their place. The standard line length is 50 to 70 characters. Style considers legibility. While it might look nice to use styles with ornamentation, it makes the text harder to read. Sans Serif is a popular style in that its modern feel and is high in legibility. Spacing is the amount of space between letters of a word. If the letters are spaced too far apart, the eye must jump between letters and reading becomes strained. Format refers to the arrangement of lines of type on the page. In magazines straight, squared off columns give an orderly classical feeling to the page.

These are just a few examples I found on Text Type that I thought were interesting/useful. I hope you think so too!!!!!


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One thought on “Books on Graphic Design”

  1. This seems like a really good book to reference to when it comes to typography, seems like its very detailed and could be somthing I would reference to in the future.


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