Graphics for Change: Yoku Shumizu

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Yuko Shumizu is a Japanese Freelance Illustrator as well as an instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  Her work is seen in many publications such as pages in the NY times, New Yorker, Pepsi cans and even Gap T-shirts.

Shumizu had previously worked in advertising and marketing while she lived in Toyko, until she realized her true passion was with Art.

Her style consists of drawing with Japanese calligraphy brushes and India on watercolor paper, and then scanning it into Photoshop where she can work further and add color. The piece she created above is called “Explore Safety” and was done in 2008 as a means to educate young women about safe sex and AIDS prevention. The illustration sheds light onto the consequences of sex that are often overlooked.

Here is a link to see more illustrations by Shumizu




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2 thoughts on “Graphics for Change: Yoku Shumizu”

  1. I feel this piece that Shumizu did is very much with the times in this generation. In multiple high schools and some middle schools they teach safe sex education. Every time I look at the art work I realize a different part and find it very creative how she brought the piece together. There is also a lot of references to Japanese culture in this piece which I find to be very refreshing and enticing.


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