Graphics for Change: Emek

Emek is a graphic designer and illustrator who was born in Israel.  His works are drawn by hand and then silkscreened.  Emek often utilizes tiny details in his art, and is therefore known for the many layers of deep meaning in his designs.

Most of his work showcases the interaction of organic and mechanical elements.  This particular piece, printed in black ink on holographic paper, was created as a commentary on the BP oil spill in 2010.  Only 400 of these hand-silkscreened prints were created and sold, and some of the proceeds were donated directly to the National Wildlife Federation to help with the crisis.

Along with creating works with deep political and social meanings, Emek also designs posters and album covers for popular musicians and rock bands.  He has previously created covers for Neil Young and Erykah Badu.  Emek’s album art is displayed in Hard Rock Cafés around the globe.

To see more of Emek’s work, visit  He also has an online store.


One thought on “Graphics for Change: Emek”

  1. I checked out the artists website you attached in your post. His style creates a trippy feeling for the viewer as they search for the underlying message hidden in the art.


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