Angelos Ntinas: Anti-Racism


Angelos Ntinas is a Greek Graphic designer from Thessaloniki, Greece who has done work for both clients and for corporations. Most of Ntinas’s work is making art that has to do with expressing ideas in a unique and unusual way. One of Ntinas’s most famous works would be the image above, which encompasses the idea of anti-racism. This poster was made specifically for the Greek Graphic Designers Association. This work was inspired by the racial stress on todays world (particularly Greece), which has inspired many others through Ntinas’s unique art choice. The different color guns representing color and even though the guns might be shaking hands they are still targeting one another, which says a lot about how Ntinas’s is expressing today’s society. There has been for years an uprising of racism in Greece that Ntinas wanted to make aware of to the public, but this can be said for more than just in Greece. The idea of the uprising of racism can be said all over the world. The point that even though we say there is equality and that everyone accepts one another no matter the color of your skin, Is this really true or is this all just a front?


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